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Founded in September 1997, The Faculty of Electrical-Electronics Engineering (FoEEE) was one of the first faculties of Saigon Technology University (STU).
During the 12 years of the school history FoEEE has been developing dynamically & asserting itself with improved training programs to meet the request for national and world integration standards. Especially, our new credit-based training program will be applied for the newly admitted students for the coming 2009-2010 year


 The mission of The Electrical - Electronics Engineering Faculty includes:

- Training Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) & Associate of Engineering (A.E.) & Technicians
- Collaboration with international universities in Graduate programs, and 2+2 undergraduate programs.
- Applied research and technology transfer


 Saigon Technology main campus is built on a 2 hectare area of district 8, located about 8 km from the city center . The campus has 22,000 square meters of space for administration, lecture rooms & labs. Other features of the campus include:

 - Sports fields for football (soccer), volleyball, and basketball.

- New equipments and 12 modern laboratories for students to carry out R&D activities..
- The teaching staff of 22 full-time faculty and 18 adjunct instructors with lots of expertise and experiences. 


 The first academic year students of FoEEE have already had the opportunity to joint exciting R & D activities in the Innovation Club.

- Students of FoEEE have acquired many achievements in the national Student Robot’s contest ROBOCON & city’s youth R & D programs for the past 8 years.
- For the year 2009, the best ROBOCON’s team of FoEEE achieved the 13th ranking among the total 111 teams of Southern Universities & Colleges of Vietnam.


 1. Regular system, 3 following degrees:

- University level : Bachelor Degree
- College level : Associate Degree
- Technician level : Technician Diploma
 2. Non-regular system : B.E. Degree
 3. University completion system: B.E. Deg.


Telecommunication Technology
Students of this major will be trained not only the basic knowledge about Electronics but also other professional subjects such as: Telecom Systems, Microwave Engineering, Optical Fiber Communication, Data Communication, Wireless Mobile Communication

Industrial Electricity
Students will be trained in the majors of Electrical Engineering – Power Supply and Industrial
Electricity for power stations, electricity transmission plants, manufacturing factories.

CHIP Technology

Students of CHIP Technology will be trained with basic knowledge of Electronics together with specialized subjects as: applied IC electronics, production technology of ICs, design of analog ICs, digital ICs.

Automatic control systems

This major will train the students deep knowledge of automatic control system & help them know how to use the measuring sensors perfectly. The graduates are able to write program for such automatic devices as PLC, microcontrollers, design of automatic production lines.

- Training time of all above majors is 4 years (for Bachelor Degree), 3 years (for College Associate Degree), 1.5 years (for University completion level) and 2 years (for Technical Diploma)
- National degrees will be conferred o¬n graduates.


After graduation, students will be granted a bachelor degree and are competent to work at most entities, companies, manufactories, enterprises, technical and other related organizations.

Besides, students can continue their study for higher education (Master, PhD.)

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