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Teaching Staff
Currently, in the Faculty of Food Technology (FoFT), there are 33 full-time lecturers. The dean is Assoc. Prof. Hoang Kim Anh.
The guest lecturers are those who come from other reputable universities, and research officers, production, as well as business managers who are experienced members in research institutes, companies and enterprises.
Students have opportunities to get hands-on experiences in labs

  • Food Science: Chemistry, Food Biochemistry.
  • Food Quality: Food Microbiology, Sensory Evaluation.
  • Food Biotechnology.
  • Food Processing & Engineering.
  • Food Product Development.



  1. Master program in 3 semesters.    
  2. Pathway training programs in 3 semesters.
  3.  Post-graduate training courses tailored as employers’ requirements.
  4. Training program of transferring food technology and developing new products.
  5. Seminar training courses with prestigous certificates:
  • Food quality management
  • Food Analysis and Sensory Evaluation
  • Food Marketing
  • Engineering Work
  • Food Culture

Food Science: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Physics, Nutrition, Food Safety, Sensory Evaluation and Food Analysis.
Technology & Engineering: Post-harvest Technology,

Food Processing Technology, Food Biotechnology, Food Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Automation, Industrial Design.
Food Development and Management: Food Marketing, Product Development, Food Law, Food Culture, Production Management, Project Management, Engineering Work.
The training program for Food Technologists  is designed in accordance with the framework by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training and under the support from the Federation of Food Science and Technology, Asia (FIFSTA) and the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST).
The FoFT students can enjoy the following opportunities:
Participating in activities of various professional associations such as: Vietnam association of Food Science and Technology (VAFoST), Association of Nutrition, Association of Food Safety and Hygiene, Chemistry Association, etc.
Participating in social and producing activities: Students’ science research contests/ campaigns on hygiene and food safety in Ho Chi Minh City (The FoFT students achieved the second award in Eureka 2007, and third award in Eureka 2006).
Fostering skills for international integration: International research projects, and international exchange programs for proffesors and students (in ASEAN, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States).
Job opportunities: Due to the diversity of products in various industries and  the difference of high to modern demands from all local and central levels, the FoFT graduates can be in charge of different tasks:

  • Product research and development
  • Quality managment and production
  • Product marketing and development
  • Enterprise owners


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